Bye-laws change - member consultation
08 Jul 2015

We have Nicholas Fox, Chair of the Bye-laws Working Group, Alasdair Poore, Chair of the Constitutional Committee and Catriona Hammer, Immediate Past President.  The panel will present the rationale behind the proposed changes to the Bye-laws and will take questions from a small audience in the CIPA Hall and from all members via the live web broadcast. 

As a professional body incorporated by Royal Charter, the Bye-laws describe how CIPA is governed, structured and organised to deliver the objects set out in the Charter. 

Council commissioned a review of the existing Bye-laws in late 2014 and established a Bye-laws Working Group to consider possible amendments in greater detail and to prepare a draft set of Bye-laws for discussion.  The Bye-laws Working Group issued a report to Council on 12 April 2015, setting out a proposed set of draft Bye-laws.  At the 6 May 2015 Council Meeting it was agreed that the Working Group Report should be circulated to the membership for comment so that all members’ views could be taken into account prior to finalising the revised Bye-laws.  When complete, the final version of the Bye-laws will be put to the membership and the Privy Council for approval, either later this year or early in 2016.

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