Getting Young People into Work

NFER hosts a panel of experts from across education and linked with employers, to discuss findings from its research programme and the challenges in getting young people not in education, employment or training into work. The experts help us understand some of the barriers, and ways in which young people, schools and colleges, supporting agencies and employers can work more closely together.

Bob Ellis, Managing Director, Learning to Work;
Anthony Barnes, Product Manager, Babcock International Group;
Dr Anthony Mann, Director of Research and Policy, Education and Employers Taskforce;
Dr Gill Haynes, Senior Lecturer, Graduate School of Education, University of Exeter;
Philip Mind, Senior Policy Advisor, LGA;
Malcolm Trobe, Deputy General Secretary (Policy), ASCL;
Kate Webb, Principal, East Berkshire College;
Kelly Kettlewell, Research Manager, NFER;
Tami McCrone, Senior Research Manager, NFER.

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Introductions from the panel of experts

Setting the scene; the voices of young people 

About the research and emerging findings

How the research resonates with the panel 


  • barriers in getting young people into the workplace
  • impact of the new duty on schools to provide impartial careers guidance
  • examples of engaging young people in learning
  • how could employers and schools work together? 

Aspirations for five years time; closing remarks 

More voices of young people