Africa Universities Summit - Moving Africa's universities forward, building a shared global legacy
30 Jul 2015

This is Times Higher Education’s first-ever Africa Universities Summit and we are thrilled to have brought together some of the continent’s most exciting thinkers – across teaching, research, business and policy-making – to share ideas for driving Africa’s universities forward. These institutions will be at the very heart of the continent’s economic development and revitalisation, and this summit will focus on sharing ideas and applications from across the world to ensure the universities’ success in – as the title of the event states – “building a shared global legacy”.

The summit is, of course, about much, much more than university rankings and performance metrics. But a key tangible legacy from the event for THE – the publisher of the globally renowned THE World University Rankings –will be the development, longer term, of a bespoke Africa University Ranking, which will recognise and honour African institutions’ distinctive strengths.

The event was attended by over 200 senior delegates from over 22 countries, including Kenya, Cape Verde, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Mauritius, Sudan, Egypt and Morocco.