Artificial Intelligence: How Soon Will Humans Be Replaced At Work?
02 Nov 2015

There has been talk of robots taking our jobs for ages. But did you know that they already are? A recent Oxford University paper argued that around 50% of jobs in America were at risk from artificial intelligence. Is yours?

​Join us and our Chairman Tom Clarke, Science Editor of Channel 4 News, for a free public debate on the proposition that:

“This House believes it is inevitable that, within 25 years, a patent will be filed and granted without human intervention.”


@Echo: It seems to me to be blindingly obvious that the value of human contribution in the midst of rising AI is our EQ. AI would always require a starter/ data input/ entry. Would AI take into account instructions/ data input from those who are less educated, those who don't express themselves adequately? It seems that human beings will always have room to advance alongside the machines because we will still have a USP on our understanding of our fellow kind, but even if not, others of us will always crave the human touch, because we are social, group animals. What does the panel think?